How to Make Bedroom Vanity Desk

Bedroom Vanity Desk – Bedroom vanities are a small oasis in a busy world, and a way to nurture your feminine spirit. They can be practical too, giving a place to display your perfume bottles, photos and small art objects. A classic vanity consists of an oval mirror and an unimposing table. It has a center section that dips into something so you can get a better look at yourself. Other designs have drawers for storage of cosmetics, brushes and underwear. You can do a vanity own from a plain wooden table. There should be at least 2 feet deep and 3 feet wide.

Instructions to make bedroom vanity desk, find a small wooden table on the height of a desk. Search flea markets, antique stores, flea markets and unpainted furniture stores. If you love shabby chic, look for a table with distressed paint. Next stain or paint the table if you do not like the existing surface. Paint in feminine shades, such as light pink and butter yellow.

Now for make bedroom vanity desk, consider adding stickers in pale floral patterns, such as English Cabbage Rose. Then step is nothing too bold, because a vanity should be a retreat from anything that is even remotely overwhelming. Many vanities are quite elegant in dark cherry and mahogany stain, but the weight of the dark color is usually offset by the Queen Anne curves and soft arcs created by the skill of a carpenter. The choice of color for your face is yours, of course.

Then to make bedroom vanity desk, decide if you want to add moldings. A vanity skirt is a great idea if you need extra storage space. Windows toile or floral print on a pale color would be perfect. To begin, measure the sides of the table, with the exception of the rear, which will be against the wall. Also measures the distance between the top of the table and the floor. If you want to gather the fabric, be sure to add a few extra inches to your measurements.

After that to make bedroom vanity desk, strips should be halved. And ten hems should be sewn on all four sides of each piece. If you prefer the band, it’s good because the band will prevent visible seam work completely. Fastening strips to make up table frame with upholstery tacks or using Velcro. If you are planning to gather the skirt, using pins. Gathering requires that you measure out the distance between each tack advance. To do this, subtract the width of the fabric from the actual length must cover. Take that number and divide it by the number of places that you have chosen to have the pins. The rest is the amount of material you need between each tack.